Dave Hersh and Roger Mader first worked together in Chicago in 1994 to help large corporations adapt to changing conditions.


In the decades to follow, Dave migrated west to San Francisco, where he transformed a rag-tag team of shareware coders into Jive Software, which he led to IPO years later. Most recently he served as an advisory partner for venture capital firm Andreeson Horowitz, launched and led two start-ups, and serves as special lecturer on entrepreneurship to the masters business students of Stanford University. He and his wife, artist April Parker Hersh and their daughters live just across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Roger migrated east to Manhattan, advising more than 50 of the Fortune 500 companies as a growth strategist and innovation designer. He co-founded Ampersand, advising large corporations on innovation strategy, a subject he teaches at in the Masters of Interaction Design program at the School of Visual Arts near his home in Manhattan. He and his partner Megan and two sons live in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge.



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