Simple story or fable that makes the point in concise, tangible, memorable terms.

#Dutch native greeting.jpgIn 1609, Henry Hudson was chosen by the Dutch East India Company to search for a passage to Asia. In September of that year, Hudson landed on the shores of the river that would be named for him and claimed the lands along it for the Dutch. This nineteenth-century engraving, based on a painting by Robert W. Weir (1803–1889), an American artist of the Hudson River School, depicts the English explorer’s anchoring on the Hudson River.


This book will do xxx (enable entrepreneurs and titans of industry alike to adapt and thrive)


This matters because xxx (their success is propels the success of free markets. Free markets yield free minds, which creates self-expression, self-determination, economic freedom and social good.

Reason to Believe

This is believable because xxx. (authors, insights, history, observations)

Story Arc

The goal


The problem


The struggle






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